Trials, Seven Days Away!


As many of you know I have been very busy preparing for Paralympic Trials in Charlotte, NC  just a week away. The last post I made marked seven weeks out from Trials. It is amazing to now be seven days away! I am beyond grateful to have my sister here with me this last past week and into Trials to help me cook, clean and do my laundry, as lately I could barely keep up with these tasks amidst my training and work schedules. Now I am able to focus on work and training in these last seven days. While my daily routine has largely followed a pattern of work, swim, eat, sleep and repeat, last Thursday I received an amazing surprise from my coworkers, who threw me a Trials send-off party complete with vegan snacks, motivating Olympic decor and music, and an abundance of pink, white and blue. The party also revealed the crowdfunding campaign launched by one of my coworkers, along with my sister, to help with my Trials expenses.


I was blown away by the Chanelle’s Cause wristbands they had made, in hot pink of course, and featuring my signature slogan #RockYourAbility! If you would like a wristband to support me as I compete in Trials and beyond, you can contact my sister Secola ( or catch me with the jarful of wristbands that I carry nearly everywhere I go now!


Words cannot express how thankful I am for all the support I have received on this journey so far. It is so exciting to finally be headed into the week of  Trials, but of course the nerves are starting to kick in now too. Every night I am dreaming about my races! As far as my race schedule, here is my lineup of events:

June 30– 400 Free, both am and pm sessions
July 1–  50 Free, both am and pm sessions
July 2–  200 IM, 100 Free, and 100 Back, both am and pm sessions

I will post a live stream link later on in the week if one is available. For now, back to working through these last seven days until I compete. I look forward to cheering on my fellow para-swimmers and gathering on July 3 for the announcement of who has been named to the Rio 2016 team!


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