The coolest app EVER! WheelMate helps you locate accessible toilets and parking spaces in your area! The WheelMate platform depends on the input from people like us (mobile by wheelchair) to ensure that wheelchair-users around the world have access to the most up-to-date and useful information available. It’s up to us to keep adding locations as we find them to keep the database growing!

We all know how hard it can be to find a wheelchair accessible bathroom when out. Just the other night when I was out, I encountered this- a few hours after dinner and playing pool, I needed to use the bathroom. Well, what do you know, the door to the biggest stall in the ladies room opened into the stall (#1 ADA violation when it comes to accessible bathrooms) but nonetheless I attempted to get into the stall because 1) I was out with this great guy and was in the middle of a pool game and 2) it was feat enough getting into the restaurant, by way of the adjacent office building’s elevator. The funniest part of this all (if there must be something funny, HA) was the woman sitting in the bathroom handing out paper towels asks me, after she watched me struggle trying to close the door behind me, “you don’t have to use the bathroom?” As I’m leaving, I say “No, I can’t get in the stall.” So THANK YOU WheelMate! I am so excited for this app! Woo Hoo!

Regarding accessible parking spots, my rule of thumb– if it’s not a parking garage or shopping plaza lot, I don’t even venture there- ie, street parallel parking, street lots. So thanks again WheelMate!

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