Post-SCI: Wheelchair sports, Peer mentoring, and Starting a Family!

Found another great blog about living (an active) life with an SCI. I loved reading about Ashleigh’s journey. This is truly what post SCI should look like- wheelchair sports, peer mentoring, and starting a family. She is a 10-year veteran of SCI and TBI and has lived with her injuries (the result of a rollover car accident) since she was 15. While I am not sure I can be called a veteran of SCI yet, having only four years under my belt, I certainly can relate to overcoming many challenges but her most recent challenge of becoming a parent really warms my heart! I get asked more often than not if I can still have children and people are often surprised when then she a woman in a wheelchair and pregnant. I LOVE IT and can’t wait (ok, I can wait- all in God’s time). Like myself, Ashleigh has spent many years mentoring other people with SCI. I too believe tha with the right attitude and the right amount of knowledge, nothing is impossible. Ashleigh reflects on her first accomplishment, post injury which was mine as well- “I never will forget what a big accomplishment being able to make that first transfer from my wheelchair was. Being able to transfer myself was my first real triumph since the accident.”

Today, Ashleigh writes a blog for brain and spinal cord injured individuals (quadriplegia mainly) called The QuadFiles, sponsored by AdvisaCare.  It’s a compilation of resources, stories and motivations – see for details. Click here for Ashleigh’s full story-

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