Two Mile Swim in the Chester River!

On July 12th, I swam 2 miles in a charity open water swim event at the 23rd Annual Maryland Swim for Life in the Chester River (of the Chesapeake Bay). Last year I swam 1 mile and raised $305 and this year I raised the same amount ironically! Many thanks to all who made a donation!!! Funds raised were donated to locally-based non-profit organizations who work on HIV/AIDS-related issues (my passion and full-time work), and to the Chester River Association.

I just love swimming in this event- it’s well organized, always a fun crowd and the course is a good one. HOWEVER, the current this year was rough and tough to swim in and against! It took me over an hour just to get out to the buoy where I needed to turn around and come back to shore. My time was three minutes shy of 2 hours when my goal was an hour and a half! (Next year, right?) Oh and let’s not forget the charlie horse that happened a half mile from my finish which slowed me down some as well. My leg flew out of the water behind me as I was swimming; essentially felt like something was biting me the pressure was that intense. I thought, oh no, the sea nettles (jellyfish) got me! Picture this- a shark fin in the water, just moving towards shore- that is what it must have looked like. HA!

Afterwards I was really beat and was dreading the hour drive home. After which I spent the afternoon by the pool with my favorite foods. Just like last year, in my book I am the winner as I actually was in my own heat as the only para athlete!

Check out pictures from the event via the link. (I can be found in the wave of blue caps and in a photo on the 14th line down.)

Who’s swimming with me next year?

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